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Tech Tuesday | Powering Relationships with the Tech Community during Davos.

Steigenberger Grandhote Belvédère

January 23, 2018 | 17:00 - 19:00

Invitation only


Tech Tuesday in Davos platform is about people who do incredible things. By focusing on blip talks, we create an environment where speakers and guests have a multitude of choices and options to ignite a conversation. Designed to enhance engagement opportunities for the participants of the annual meeting, our platform brings new faces to Davos together with established industry leaders. Kick off the week powered up at Tech Tuesday.


Power your week charged with new connections and ideas. Our mission is to power relationships within the Tech Community by bringing a strong people factor into the way we communicate, meet and greet during Davos.

Yobie Benjamin | Host

Tech Pioneer 2015, venture investor, innovator, global speaker, mentor, advisor, with CTO and advisory roles at more than 10 tech-related firms worldwide.

Mike Butcher | Curator

Editor-at-large of TechCrunch Europe, disruptor @ TechHub, Journalist for FT, The Guardian, The Times, The Daily Telegraph and The New Statesman.


Eugene Chang

Founder & CEO | Penrose Studios

Technology Pioneer 2017

Masha Drokova

Founder One Day Venture VC | Co-founder M&A PR Studio

Paul Ellis

CEO | Electron

Technology Pioneer 2017

Ferdinand Grapperhaus

CEO | PHYSEE (Netherlands)

Technology Pioneer 2017

Eduard Gurinovich

CEO | MyTime (USA)

Husayn Kassai

CEO & Co-Founder | Onfido (UK)

Andreas Kunze

Co-Founder & CEO | KONUX (Germany)

Technology Pioneer 2017

Evgeni Borisov

CEO | Vimana

Alexander Legoshin

CEO | Saifu

Gregory Klumov

Co-founder & CEO | STASIS

Greg Mulholland

Founder & CEO | Citrine Informatics (USA)

Technology Pioneer 2017

Glenn Nedwin

CEO | Second Genome (USA)

Technology Pioneer 2017

Nobu Okada

Founder & CEO | Astroscale (Singapore)

Technology Pioneer 2017

Babur Ozden

Founder & CEO | MAANA (USA)

Technology Pioneer 2017

Stefan Qin

Founder & Managing Partner |

Virgil Capital LK

Yvonne Wassenaar

CEO | Airware (USA)

Technology Pioneer 2017

Ralph Schonenbach

CEO | Envoy (Switzerland)

Haroon Mokhtarzada

Founder / Chairman | Truebill

Dmitri Matskevitch

CEO | Dbrain

Arne Peder Blix
Founder and CEO |
Friend Software Corporation

Karam Hinduja

Founder and CEO | Timeless



mytime is a decentralized blockchain platform with its own cryptocurrency — mytimecoin (MYTC).

An open blockchain-based platform, mytime proposes turning time into a measurable value. The platform converts time spent by a person on a particular service into the MYTC cryptocurrency. Companies pay users tokens for having chosen them, and the time spent by people is used to generate tokens for the company. As a result, users are paid back for their time while companies attract a loyal audience and save on transaction and marketing costs. The mytime blockchain is based on a new Proof-of-Time algorithm, which makes time validation profitable for business and protects the platform from abuse.

The company was founded by serial entrepreneurs and experts in the field of finitech,

gamedev and media content.‌


Saifu makes using cryptocurrencies together with regular currencies accessible, easy and secure for a wide audience of non-tech savvy people and businesses. The company brings bank-grade security to the cryptocurrency world for the first time, using a combination of hardware and software technologies to deliver the most secure cryptocurrency storage available today. Saifu is a fully regulated financial institution, licensed by the Czech National Bank, and is externally audited on a regular basis. Saifu is compliant with the strictest KYC/AML regulations for both traditional and blockchain transactions. The company provides customers with IBAN accounts for cryptocurrencies and fiat currencies in a single place, and removes the complexity associated with the crypto-economy. The services the company currently provides include checking accounts, money transfers, fiat and crypto currency exchanges, MasterCard prepaid cards, online banking and a mobile app.


Envoy is aimed at both individual users and organizations of any size. It allows its users, for the first time, to upload, consolidate and combine contact data from multiple sources, including other social media platforms, from corporate data storage and processing systems, eMail and CRM applications, from mobile and networked devices. The ability to compare and share this data on a selective basis, produces immediate, detailed and insightful analysis that uncovers, in an instant, a wealth of previously unlocked network value.

Envoy calls this value “Relationship Capital” and through fascinating graphical and tabular representations, Envoy allows the user to extract information to discover potentially unlimited business and social opportunities.


GratzUp Cop. has developed and patented the first sterlisation bottle that does not require any filters or chemicals. Poor hygiene and lack of adequate instruments for sterilisation are among the leading causes of death in the third world and war zones. GratzUp technology is unique and thanks to years of extensive research and product development GratzUp is in a position to help millions of people by providing a standalone sterilisation products that can be used for day to day use as well as for medical facilities.


STASIS is the world’s first true digital currency platform. It introduces a blockchain-powered stable coin token that is fully convertible with its fiat equivalent. STASIS uses government support and audit of its fiat reserves to back this claim. Having all the high-tech benefits of digital currencies while maintaining the stability, convertibility and legal claim on the issuer's assets, the users will easily move in and out of crypto-economies like they subscribe and redeem from world's biggest ETFs. The demand for such an instrument is very high and rising, and we expect it to become a backbone of the cryptocurrency economy in the nearest future.


Truebill is an autopilot for your finances. The Truebill app lets users connect their financial accounts and bills, then helps them save money by negotiating the best possible rates, canceling unwanted subscriptions, getting refunds for pesky fees, and giving insights into spending patterns. More than 250k users have saved with have signed up for Truebill, with the average user savings over $512 per year.


Redwood City-based VIMANA Global Inc. develops VIMANA Universe solutions, where VIMANA Network is a flagship product consisting of blockchain nodes, VIMANA AAVs, and VIMANA protocols enabling the network and connecting it to blockchain. VIMANA Network is accessible to partners and third parties admitted to VIMANA Ecosystem via open APIs. The first application of VIMANA Network is with Urban Air Mobility markets. A team of aerospace engineers led by Evgeni Borisov is currently developing a one- and four-seater AAVs, which will be used for transporting passengers.


Friend Software Corporation have created the Friend Unifying Platform (FriendUP), our powerful but simple to use cloud/web based operating environment, enabling the merging of legacy software with the latest technology developments and easily deployable on any smart device. We already have a suite of commercially compelling products gaining traction within the business arena. Our upcoming “Friend Network” ICO done out of Norway is specifically designed to enable and simplify the deployment of Blockchain and decentralized technology products and crypto currency projects. Our “Friend Store” will become the perfect “One Stop Shop” where existing technologies can seamlessly be combined with the exciting and burgeoning new market- accepting both conventional as well as cryptocurrencies.

Friend Software Corporation merges the two “realms” of conventional and unconventional technology and currencies in the Friend Network and Friend Store. With a “foot firmly in each realm” we believe Friend Software Corporation have a sound and potentially highly profitable business model. for decentralized and blockchain-based technology projects for conventional “Softmerging”: non-intrusive integration of legacy software with modern platforms


Dbrain is a community-owned blockchain platform to collectively create full-stack AI apps. We give a tools for key AI stakeholders: data scientists and developers get dataset to train neural network, businesses use the existing solutions or request new models. Dbrain provides an access to the global crowd workforce and automate data-related workflows via open Datasets listing and convenient APIs for crowdwork integration.

We connect an exploding AI demand on human-labeled data and human-in-the-loop solutions with the abundant global supply of online workers. Anyone with a device can work with Datasets and earn cryptocurrency. Blockchain protocols and Dbraincoins (DBC) ensure transparency and fair revenue distribution.


Virgil Capital provides a bridge between quantitative funds in traditional asset classes and the cryptocurrency world. It is an algorithmic arbitrage fund with trading operations in six different countries and over forty crypto-exchanges. Since inception in July 2016, it has returned over 1000% market-neutral and low volatility returns to its investors, post-fees, through its innovative trading infrastructure and defensible market access. Its team members are veterans and well-known in the cryptocurrency ecosystem, with over 40 years combined experience in both forex and digital asset markets. Today, Virgil is headquartered in San Francisco with offices in Beijing, China and Sydney, Australia.

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